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Capterra’s blog helps software buyers better understand the crowded technology landscape and make the most out of their software purchases, covering all types of business software. The industry or type of software you write about doesn’t matter to us, but it does need to be specific… whether by helping businesses become more efficient with the help of technology, helping them select a specific type of software, or helping them get the most use out of software after they’ve purchased it. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be about software- just about making businesses more successful!

Our Content Philosophy

We think the content that we write has to be more than just helpful. It has to do more than simply inform or amuse or explain.

It has to be epic.

It has to be so useful that people bookmark it, return to it again and again, and share it with colleagues. It should address specific pain points and present concrete, actionable steps for readers to surmount them.

Whether this means you give us a 2,400 word in-depth guide to mobile software, or a brief but incisive explanation of how new regulations will affect your industry, epic is always the goal.

If you think you can contribute something epic to our blog, we'd love to have you. Please read over the requirements below, and then submit your topic to us for approval

Content Requirements

  • Non-promotional and vendor-neutral topics
  • Unique, insightful content that has not been published before
  • Articles of any length, but ideally 500-2500 words
  • References other industry sources, case studies, and data to back up your argument- no links to your own site unless the content you link to furthers your point
  • 2-3 sentence summary of article
  • Author bio (in which you’re allowed to include one outbound link to your site)
  • Recent photo
  • Article must be submitted in .doc or .docx form

Target Audiences

Your content must be helpful to at least one of the following three types of software buyers:


Those not yet sold on the idea of buying software.

Example Articles:

  • Is Your Church Big Enough for Church Management Software?
  • Stop Segmenting Lists and Start Driving Revenue with Marketing Automation


Those who want software but have no urgency to buy.

Example Articles:

  • How Buying An LMS Will Help On-Board New Hires Faster
  • Never Miss Another Scheduled Appointment: Get Field Service Management Software!


Prospects who are actively looking for software but are confused or unsure of what they need.

Example Articles:

  • How to Determine Your Budget for Marketing Automation Software
  • 10 Questions to Ask When Demoing Field Service Management Solutions

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